Travel | Road Trip to Mendoza

For the past three weeks, Derek and I have been on our winter holiday from work.  (We just started back today!)  We decided to spend our last week in Mendoza, Argentina–a.k.a. Argentina’s wine capital in the region of Cuyo!  I could not recommend it more.  It was a perfect escape from our crazy city lives.  We were able to taste the best Malbecs, ride bicycles around the city, eat some amazing food, soak in the Argentine culture, and we did it all on a really tight budget!!  There are many ways one can get to Mendoza (fly, drive, rent a car, etc.), but we opted for the hyped-up bus trip through the Andes.  I read several travel blogs before we decided that was definitely our best option.  I cannot stress how amazing it was.  The panoramic views were unbeatable, and I was able to take several photos.  However, if you are prone to motion sickness (like me), then I would suggest taking some Dramamine!  I was feeling pretty queasy on the twists and turns up the Chilean side of the Andes.  We researched a few different companies, and we decided on Andesmar with semi-cama seats.  It was a very comfortable trip, and they provided us with snacks, hot drinks, and some bilingual movie selections.  It was the perfect start to our Argentine getaway!


DSC_3091 ^ Chilean side of the Andes ^



^ We made it! ^



^ Isn’t this shot of the Argentine sunset dreamy?  I loved the colors. ^

So all in all, the 8 hours to Mendoza and the 11 (yes, 11!) hours back to Santiago were well worth it for those views.  The yummy snacks and sandwiches at the customs made up for the long wait!  Have you ever taken a long distance bus trip?  Tell me about it below!


tattoo-design-female-name-maria (2)


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