Travel | Bikes + Wines in Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina is famous for its wines, specifically for its Malbecs.  Therefore, touring the bodegas (wineries) in Maipu was a top item on the list for our visit.  Many people opt to rent cars, join a tour group, or hop on the vans, but we decided to rent bicycles.  We met some pretty fantastic people at Alamo Hostel & Suites, so we decided to join forces.  I would love to hug the person who invented the idea of wine tours on bikes, because it was the perfect way to customize it to our individual tastes.  We weren’t bound by a strict schedule or itinerary, which made it more relaxed and personal.

DSC_3128Although we visited in winter, it was about 75°F (23°C) daily!  ^

 You may think a vineyard is a vineyard, right?  Wrong!  Each destination offered something unique.  They all had their own aesthetics and evinced different feelings and vibes.  The newer vineyards were modern, laid back, and usually had the best meals.

DSC_3147DSC_3149DSC_3152^  Tempus Alba–Best Lunch ^

DSC_3164DSC_3166DSC_3168^ Mevi–Best Deal ^

The older vineyards were the places to go for quality tours and tastings.  They also proved to be the best bet for improving our knowledge about the different varietals.

DSC_3173DSC_3181^  Familia di Tommaso–Derek’s Favorite Cabarnet ^

 We even stopped to taste some artisanal liquors, jams, chocolates, and olive oils along the way at Tierra de Lobo & Entre Olivos!

photo 3picstitchphoto 1 (1)photo 2

All of the places we visited had something unique, and Derek and I ended up dabbling across the board.  He ended up loving a spicy Cabernet, while I couldn’t get enough of the Malbecs!  (Oh, and the Dulce de Leche liquor from Tierra de Lobo!)  What’s your favorite wine or spirit?


tattoo-design-female-name-maria (2)


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