Travel | Trapiche Wine Tour

This week has been pretty full of our travel adventures in Mendoza, but the aromas from the many varietals of Malbec are giving me fragrant flashbacks.  So much so, that I had to add one more post to highlight my personal favorite stop on our bicycle ride through Maipu.  That gem would be Trapiche.  They’ve been making wines since 1883, so we were able to take a glimpse into the past as well.  The estate is absolutely beautiful, and I kept falling behind the group to take shots of everything.

DSC_3144DSC_3217This tour stood out above the others for several reasons.  Their estate was to die for, and their wines followed suit. They didn’t give us that touristy vibe, but instead made us feel as if we were training to become  sommeliers!  We learned so much about grapes, regions of the world known for specific varietals of these grapes, how to properly taste a wine (coming soon!), and the basics from grape selection to bottling.


Have a happy weekend!  We will be heading to a few markets this weekend hoping to spot some interesting finds for our apartment.  What are your plans for the weekend?


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