In the Sketchbook | Watercolor Gems

Watercolor seems to be the medium of the moment for me.  Everywhere I turn, I see beautiful combinations of colors that would be perfect for a watercolor piece — the mountains in the distance, a perfect sunset, blossoming trees — and I feel the need to create it.  But yesterday, I found out the UN declared 2014 the International Year of Crystallography, so what better way to celebrate than to paint a few crystals?  During my inspiration search, I came across this gorgeous watercolor by Amanda Spurr. (below)

Diamond1WebSo, I decided to do a few of my own quick sketches.  I opted for sapphires and rubies to represent my sister and me.  These paintings were made with regular white paper and kids’ watercolors that I had in my classroom, so let’s consider them extremely rough drafts!

Watercolor Gems




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