Santiago Street Art

Transforming a brick wall or piece of concrete into a masterpiece isn’t something just any of us can do.  It amazes me every day when Derek and I walk the streets of Santiago (or any large city) and see the amazing pieces of art whose creators, for the most part, remain unknown.  To me, these are true artists.  They create, not for the glory, but for the sake of creating.  Each piece, from the beautiful to the strange, renders a different feeling.  A few brighten my day, others leave me scratching my head, and some of the political pieces make me feel that I should become more involved.  These are a few of my favorite pieces from around the city of Santiago, Chile.



photo 1: near Universidad Catolica | photo 2: near La Moneda metro | photo 3: near Barrio Lastarria

So what do you think?  Is street art your “type”?  Do you prefer Bansky or the anonymous?  What city boasts your favorite pieces?




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