Santiago in Color | Yellow

Santiago is is a city full of life, culture, the arts, and color.  I am so excited about this new blog series. The colors that surround me daily provide so much inspiration to create and to write.  So much so that I have to share that inspiration with you through a series focusing on one color per week.  What better color to start than my favorite…yellow.

Yellow: knowledge, perception, original thought, inquisitiveness, creativity, hope, happiness, cheerfulness, fun, confidence, optimism, and analysis.

 santiagoinyellow santiagoinyellow1santiagoinyellow2^Delicious yellow hollandaise sauce at The Shamrock Pub’s brunch^


I saw a similar series on another blog recently, but stupid me, I forgot to save the site.  The city was Copenhagen, so please, if you have read this blog, share with me the link in the comments!

Read more about the psychology behind the color yellow here.


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