Santiago in Color | Black & White

I started this series, because I felt inspired by the colors that surround me daily here in Santiago.  Although black and white can be considered boring, I couldn’t disagree more.  These colors are classic, and they show up everywhere in Santiago.  It was hard for me to edit it down to just these photos.


Black: secrets, unknown, comfort, barriers, power, control, intimidation, authority, discipline, self-control, sophistication, elegance, and confidence


White: perfection, purity, new beginnings, reflection, openness, cleanliness, protection, encouragement, peace, calm, comfort, hope, and isolation

elephantssantiagostreetart mariaantonieta^So, this last photo is actually a cafe in Mendoza, Argentina, but I had to include it.^

What colors inspire you?  Read more about the psychology of black and white.


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