Moving Day

Hi!  I just wanted everyone to know that Mia Mangos has officially moved and changed its name!  Come check out Mia & Pup!  See you there!

Mia & Pup FINAL


September Favorites

I thought August flew quickly, but September was a whole new wave of busy that I was not expecting to ride.  This month was so full of work, birthdays, holidays, and outings that it all feels like a blur.  I am looking forward to October, because I have some new ideas up my sleeve!  But let’s focus on September and the stand outs.

Favorite Pins


Favorite Read

i-am-malalaI was pretty slow to finally read this book.  (It came out last year!)  However, this is definitely a case of better late than never!  Malala’s story is both tragic and inspiring.  I found myself getting extremely angry, and it made me want to take action.  As many of you know, Derek and I are both educators, so this story was very close to my heart.  In the US, we take education for granted sometimes, so stories like Malala’s really put into perspective how much we still need to stand up for equal and accessible education.

Favorite Blog

FavoriteBlogSeptemberLike me, Alison is a new blogger, but it seems as if she has been blogging for years.  Her vision is so concise…and unique!!  Food by Mars is a food blog that incorporates a little astrology and celestial influence.  She chooses seasonal ingredients to make delicious, clean-eating recipes.  Her recipes are extremely easy to follow, and I have been so excited every time she posts a new one.  Her Instagram is full of beautiful photographs of food, so feel free to follow along with her there, too!

Favorite Artist

FavoriteArtistFeltandFatThis is actually a collaboration of artists that I just found this month.  Felt+Fat is a Philadelphia based handmade manufacturing group headed by the creatives Nate Mell & Wynn Bauer.  I love the way that they play with glazes for the pieces to create some really interesting effects.  However, they also manage to keep clean lines and a minimal style, which I love!  Follow along via their Instagram account for even more!

Favorite Quote

FavoriteQuoteRoaldDahlSince September is also the birthday month of author Roald Dahl, it is only fitting that my favorite quote this month comes from him.  He had such a different and interesting way of looking at the world, and his writing has remained popular with children and adults alike for many years.  Find this print here.

Favorite Post

diy-floral-arrangementThis was a tough one, because I really enjoyed writing my 26 post and reflecting back on our trips around the world.  However, this was my first time making a full floral arrangement, so I am pretty excited about it.  The entire day was so fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

What stood out in September for you?



North + South | Change of Season


While this is definitely not a fashion blog, those of you that know me know that I do love clothes.  I like reading about clothes, shopping for them, pinning them, and most of all wearing them!  Although the weather may not have flipped a 180 on us, a change of season just happened!  That means the style is changing, too.  Since I’m from the US, but living in Chile, I figured it might be fun to do a few style moodboards for both the northern and southern hemispheres!  On Monday, I asked you what you thought about capsule wardrobes.  These are a few staple pieces I would add to mine for the coming seasons.

Fall2014NorthIn the northern hemisphere, this is the season of falling leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, crisp winds, and warm scarves.  This was always one of my favorite seasons in the US, because the colors on display during this season just scream beautiful.

accordian-pleated midi-skirt \ over-the-knee boots \ oversized scarf


On the opposite side of the world, Spring has finally started to make an appearance.  The trees are budding, it has been quite rainy, and I am looking forward to all the blooms that will shortly follow.  This season, it is all about graphics and comfort for me.  These style trends are fun and easy to fit in with other staple pieces you already have in your current collection.  pleated maxi \ graphic tee \ tote + zip bags

What pieces do you love this season?



10 Favorite Instagrams Right Now

I have always been slow to get with the social media trends.  It took me about three years to join Facebook.  The same thing happened with Twitter.  Instagram was no different.  I remember my sister showing me her beautiful photos, and I would ask why I would want to put more photos online.  Now here I am with a blog doing just that.  I also am completely obsessed with Instagram, so here are my 10 favorite Instagram accounts for the moment.

justinablakeneyinstagram1. @justinablakeney:  Justina Blakeney’s work is so inspiring.  She is a true artist.  I can’t speak to her aesthetic enough.  If you love bright colors, fun patterns, and eclectic mixtures, hers is a definite account to follow.  Check out her website here.


lhcalligraphyinstagram2. @lhcalligraphy:  Laura has a way with letters that I truly envy.  Some of her videos make it look so easy and flawless.  Her photos are the icing on the cake.  I may have to try my hand at calligraphy soon.  Check out her Etsy shop and follow along!


humansofnewyorkinstagram3. @humansofny:  It is said that a photo speaks a thousand words.  Humans of NY truly capture that saying as they travel around NY and the world sharing the stories behind the faces.  I am always excited to see their new posts.


thethingssheseesinstagram4: @thethingsshesees:  Meghan is new to the blogging and Instagram world, but it seems as if she has been doing this forever.  Her photos are always airy and perfect.  And don’t get me started on her custom dreamcatchers!  I can’t wait to get one for myself.  She is truly inspiring to me as a new blogger.  Check out her site here.


notyourstandardinstagram5. @notyourstandard: Kayla has the life most dream to have.  She travels regularly all over Europe, she always looks beautiful, and she attends the most amazing events!  Her Instagram account is just full of beautiful photos of the world, delicious bites, and her personal style.  I also love following along with her blog.  She posts amazing recipes that are easy to recreate.


bbassinstagram6. @_brittbass:  I cannot express my love for abstract art enough, so it is a given that I instantly fell in love with Britt’s prints and original pieces.  Her whitewashed website is the perfect backdrop for her fun and colorful prints.  I love how you can see every brush stroke on the canvas.  Follow along for more creativity!


ohannieleeinstagram7. @ohannielee:  I actually first found her blog, and I knew I had to follow along with her adventures on Instagram as well.  She has only be blogging for a little over a year, but she has an aesthetic of a true pro.  I love her eye for the littlest details.  I also have a soft spot for fellow expats, so hers was a no brainer for me.


brickyardbuffaloinstagram8. @brickyardbuffalo:  If their name isn’t enough for you to fall completely in love, I am sure the photos will sell you.  The Brickyard Buffalo is a pop-up shop, and I can’t get enough.  Everything is completely affordable (and adorable).  But don’t take my word for it.  Check it out for yourself!


randomactsofpastelinstagram9. @randomactsofpastel:  Champagne, pastels, and pastries…oh my!  I sometimes just sit in awe at how she keeps her color palette so on point.  Alyssa never wavers from her signature pastel colors.  Even in her blog, her consistency and aesthetic are applaudable.  And anyone who loves sweets as much as I do is definitely one to follow!


thetrottergirlinstagram10. @thetrottergirl:  So you may have heard of Trotter Magazine, but you may not have heard of Eva Tsang (aka The Trotter Girl).  Her Instagram is just full of minimal beauty with a nice neutral color palette…and lots of coffee!


mustafaseveninstagramBONUS @mustafaseven: This is pretty much the crème de la crème of all Instagram accounts in my book.  His photos are out of this world, and they make me want to experience it all through his lens.  Everything he puts online makes my jaw drop, and I have troubles getting it back to its regular position.  Follow along for the awe inspiring beauty that is our world.

So, there you have it my 10 (with a bonus) favorite Instagram accounts.  Which accounts spark your creativity?





August Favorites

Wow!  August absolutely flew past me.  This month has been a whirldwind for us, as we continue to explore Santiago.  Mia Mangos has officially been running for a month! (Yay!)  So , these are just a few highlights from August.

Favorite Pins

august-favs-pins1: The Neighborhood, Oakland, CA  |  2: The Sill  |  3:  Yoga Pose  |4: Scoop of Roses  | Find me on Pinterest here

Favorite Read


I am currently reading Unaccustomed Earth by Jhuma Lahiri, and I am hooked.  I read her first novel (a collection of short stories), Interpreter of Maladies and was hooked.  Her style is accessible and relatable to all people, and I think I’m going to be on a Lahiri kick for a while!

Favorite Blog

aug-favs-blogI’ve found myself completely obsessed with Victoria McGinley’s new blog (formerly vmac+cheese) and website.  Her style is exquisite, and I always enjoy reading her posts.  If you enjoy design, this is a must read!  *All photos above are hers.

Favorite Artist

koromiko-spoonsSuzanne Sullivan creates beautiful and unique ceramics.  Check out her collections at Shop KOROMIKO.

Favorite Quote


I originally saw this on Pinterest and followed the link to Clementine Daily (another blog that quickly found its way into my daily reader).  These two words have such a strong message.  Why wait?  I said before that I am a huge daydreamer, and I focus so much on the big picture and making things exact that I sometimes forget to just get started!

Favorite Post


Our tour to Trapiche in Argentina was a definite favorite.   Check it out here.

What were your favorite pieces from the month?